Maurice Williams​President & Founder

Maurice “Moe” Williams and his wife Reulonda are a dedicated husband and wife team that are proud parents of their four handsome and bright sons Mason, Myles, Maxx, and Roman. Maurice and Reulonda are both alumnus of the University of Michigan. Moe enjoyed a successful college (Wolverines) and professional football career for the Jacksonville Jaguars in which he was drafted in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft (pick #43). Since retiring from the NFL, Moe and his wife Reulonda have developed this foundation to positively impact citizens in Northeast Florida, and beyond through services that are needs-driven and meaningful. The foundation focuses on strengthening the lives of young people, and families, and include extensive community outreach via collaboration with other nonprofits, local schools, and colleges. Inspired by their personal journey, MWFF provides support and resources for children and families living with Processing Disorders, ADHD and Dyslexia as well. Together the two of them want to see families thriving and living to their full potential. 
Reulonda Williams Vice President & Cofounder

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Our mission is to empower Northeast, Florida children and families to thrive by living purposeful, giving, and healthy lives.

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MWFF mission is premised on the belief that investing in children is essential because they have the power to impact communities now and for future generations. When children are given the knowledge needed to demonstrate sound character and decision making, while parents & caregivers are equipped with information and resources vital to support their children’s health and growth, everyone is engaged and able to recognize their purpose, understand that giving to others is part of our platforms as human beings, and ultimately, live their best, healthy lives.

Vision: A future where opportunities and dreams are possible for all families.

Core Operating Values

The Moe Williams Foundation is committed to good governance and ethical practices. Generosity of Spirit, Responsiveness and Transparency are the core operating principles that drive effectiveness and accountability.
Generosity of Spirit

We believe that every encounter without person is a gift and an opportunity to champion their willingness to try. We want them to succeed. Our work thrives in an atmosphere grounded in diversity of voices, trust and compassion as we strive to bring out the best in others.


We recognize our power to make a positive difference, not just by what we say, but how we say it. We believe that our impact is greatest through productive collaboration grounded in honest respectful and timely communication and that the most effective communication is the platform upon which strong relationships are built. When we respond to opportunities and challenges directly and efficiently, success is attained. 


We value authentic transparency as paramount and consistently share meaningful information           with all.