Regions Bank is proud to partner with the Moe Williams Family Foundation as their commitment to strengthening families is a natural fit for Regions and how we partner to make a difference in the communities we serve. Moe has a great platform. I’ve done several school visits with him and he’s a big presence to kids. They look up to him. They connect with him because he gives his real life examples, things he wishes he might have done differently, things he’s teaching his kids to do differently. It’s the connectivity, the communication. Meeting them where they are and helping them. We appreciate that he emphasizes the importance of good character, making good decisions, and his genuine desire to make young people capable and families equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to live their best lives.”  

Alicia Somers, VP Central Area Marketing Manager, Regions Bank

“Mr. Williams’ presentation at our Bridge to Success Parent Forum's was most inspirational and relevant. The topics that he talked about were most meaningful, interesting and enjoyable.”  Deborah M. Norman, I’m A Star Foundation

“The Moe Williams Family Foundation is awesome for the community.” Stevie Watts, TEAM UP Program Manager, Communities In Schools

"It was a pleasure having Moe Williams visit Valor to speak to our scholars because his message was in alignment with our S.H.A.R.P core values!  We want our scholars to be leaders that are Self-aware, Humble, Appreciative, Respectful, and Persistent and Moe Williams embodies all of those characteristics.  Our boys need to see role models that are living out the values we are teaching them." 

-  Rashid Williams, Assistant Principal, Valor Academy of Leadership

“Moe Williams is truly committed to empowering Northeast Florida’s children and families to thrive by living purposeful, giving, and healthy lives. He believes in the power of faith, and it was evident in how he positively impacted our 5th grade students when he spoke at their graduation ceremony. He began by confirming that the transition from elementary to middle school was one that definitely evoked a wide variety of emotions, behaviors, and concerns for both the students and their parents.  Moreover, he stressed to the graduates that the transition was indeed a major-stepping stone on the road to them becoming an adult and they were cautioned to beware and prepare for change as their middle school years were going force them to interact with more peers, more teachers, and increased expectations for both performance and individual responsibility. He encouraged them to adjust as they saw new settings, structures and opportunities, choose friends wisely and make informed, conscientious decisions as it pertained to their paths in life. He expressed the importance of staying positive, as well as succeeding in all academic tasks." 

​- Simaran Bakshi, Principal, Wayman Academy of the Arts